Eyeshield 21 Teams' Colour and Shortform

Teams Shortform Colours
Deimon Devil Bats DDB #FF0000 - red
Amino Cyborgs AC white
Bando Spiders BS black
Dokubari Scorpions DS #FFCC33 - Sunglow
Hakushu Dinosours HD #ADFF2F - Green yellow
Hashiratani Deers HTD #DAA520 - Goldenrod
Koigahama Cupids KC pink
Kyoshin Poseidon KP #2E8B57 - Sea Green
Misaki Wolves MW #000080 - Navy
Nasa Aliens / Nasa Shuttles NA / NS #8A2BE2 - Blue violet
Northern Light Blizzards NLB #DEB887 - Burly wood
Ojou White Knights OWK #F0FFFF - Azure
Sado Strong Golems SSG orange
Savannah Survivors SS #228B22 - Forest green
Seibu Wild Gunmans SWG #F0E68C - khaki
Shinryuji Naga SN #800080 - Purple
Taiyo Sphinx TS #F4A460 - sandy brown
Teikoku Alexanders TA #FFD700 - gold
Yuhi Guts YG #800000 - maroon
Zokugaku Chameleons ZC #CCFF00 - Flourescent yellow
Team Japan TeamJa red + black
Team USA TeamUS blue + black

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